Jungheinrich elektriline alusesiirdaja EJE i25/EJC i15/EJC i15z

Electric stand-on / sideways-seated pallet truck (2.000 kg). Sideways travel improves performance in applications with regular direction change.

ESE 120/220/320 pallet trucks are ideal for horizontal transport over medium to long distances. With their sideways operator position, they offer excellent visibility and relaxed working conditions. This is a great advantage, especially where frequent changes of direction are required.
The width of the ESE 120 stand-on truck is only 760 mm, which is narrower than a Euro pallet. This allows for easy pallet positioning inside an HGV as well as for rapid loading and unloading. The fold-up seat offers additional comfort when travelling over longer distances. The low entry height assists frequent entry and exit.

Basic characteristics

  • Lift (standard mast)from 125 to 125 mm
  • Capacity / loadfrom 2,00 to 2,00 t
  • Ideal for loading and unloading of HGVs and for longer transport distances
  • High speed and acceleration improving productivity

Advantages in overview

  • Innovative 3-phase AC technology
  • Comfortable and safe operation
  • Powerful battery
  • Additional equipment
  • Productivity-enhancing ergonomics
  • Easy operation and good all-round visibility
  • Robustness and ease of servicing

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